Earlier this year, I wrote a daft one liner... 'I've just written a song called Corona.. it's quite catchy'.

Little did I know at the time quite how catchy it would be. 2020 was looking like another busy year... theatre shows, comedy clubs, cruising, flybacks etc all now of course.. on hold.

I'm very fortunate to have some creative projects which can be persued at home (this will hopefully help keep the noggin busy!)

But FAR MORE importantly.. my heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrendous virus. We must keep on keeping on and support all those amazing people on the front line.


Finally.. despite all this.. wherever you are in the world.. no matter how shit it gets.. let's always remember to laugh, be kind and help look after this increasingly vulnerable planet on which we are ALL so bloomin lucky to reside. 

Stay safe folks! 



Herbie x